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"Most stories take the hero out of the ordinary, mundane world and into a Special World, new and alien." - Christopher Vogler ("A Writer's Journey")
About Us
The writer of great books does not hide them in attic trunks, hoping that one day they will be discovered by some snoopy descendant who will have them published posthumously to achieve awards and immortality.” - Leonard Bishop
Windflower Press is a small publishing company with offices in southern and northern California. Our team assists authors in project development, publishing and new book launches. We prefer local authors and especially like memoir, fiction, and poetry. We link to websites offering nonfiction and educational materials. Whether you publish with us, a traditional publisher or an on-demand company, Windflower Press can help you chart your course. Since we are limited in staff, we favor quality over quantity. We are writers, too, and that makes all the difference.
"Agents and editors don't read manuscripts to enjoy them; they read solely with the goal of getting through the pile, solely with an eye to dismiss a manuscript–and believe me, they'll look for any reason they can, down to the last letter."
– Noah Lukeman ("The Frst Five Pages")
Submission Policy:
Due to the quantity of materials received, we are not accepting submissions either by mail or electronically at this time.  Even so, you are welcome to contact us regarding your interests. We are currently publishing poetry, anthologies, and children's books.
"To survive in today's book publishing industry, it is not good enough just to get published."
- Donald Maas ("Writing the Breakout Novel")
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Cover Artist Robin Wethe Altman with her painting Laguna Gazebo.
You need to know only four things in order to write a solid story:
how to group words into motivation-reaction units;
how to group motivation-reaction units into scenes and sequels;
how to group scenes and sequels into story pattern;
how to create the kind of characters that give a story life.
– Dwight V. Swain ("Techniques of the Selling Writer")
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"The pleasures of writer and reader are interwoven. The seasoned writer of both nonfiction and fiction, confident in his craft, derives increasing pleasure from his work. The reader in the hands of a writer who has mastered his craft enjoys a richer experience." - Sol Stein "Stein On Writing")
"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. For writing allows just the proper recipes of truth, life, reality as you are able to eat, drink, and digest without hyperventilating and flopping like a dead fish in your bed." - Ray Bradbury ("Zen in the Art of Writing")
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