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Robin Wethe Altman


This matching Journal/Sketchbook is now available for a limited time only! A must for the artist's day.


Into Racing?
Got Go-Kart?
A book for the entire family!
Tired of the usual team sports? 
Everything you need to know about go-kart racing is in this book!
For kid-kart kids and their parents!
Only $12.
Kid Kart racing is for kids 5-8. and nine-year-old Ethan Barrertt has proven himself in this competitive endeavor. Learn from his experiences. Find out how to get into kid kart racing. the rules of the sport, important safety precautions, how to maintain the kart, and the role of a champion! Go-kart racing is a family activity and the go-kart community is a supportive team. Why not get out there and have some fun?
Being a champion is more than just crossing the finish line. It means acting like a champion, too, and showing respect and consideration for other competitors on the track.
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 The Montage at Laguna Beach
A special event for women writers, readers & their friends!
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Cover Art by Robin Wethe Altman
Anthology Book Launch!
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Featured Poets: John Gardiner, Rod Vickery, Martha Stothard, 
John Perry, Jim McCrillis, Shayla Rosofsky 
Cover Artist Robin Wethe Altman 
with contributors Joyce Robertson & Franklin Yun
Featured Poet Rod Vickery with Michael & Barbara Varma
John Gardiner, Featured Poet, Reads at the Launch
Barbara Potter, Emcee, Author, & Columnist
The Book Launch Emcee & the Publisher
Are YOU in the book? 
MaryAnn Easley & Jann Harmon of Windflower PressAuthor & Publisher MaryAnn Easley with Jann Harmon, Book Designer
And hear some of the anthology poets!
John Gardiner, Rod Vickery, MaryAnn Easley,
Martha Stothard, John Perry, Jim McCrillis, & Shalya Rosofsky
Improve Your Writing!
Read These Tips from the Selection Panel!
Eliminate excess words.
Concentrate on nouns & verbs.
Be cautious with adjectives & forget the adverbs.
Make sure every line is pertinent to the story, essay, memoir or poem.
Use active voice. Avoid the "to be" verb.
Avoid repetition.
Read your work aloud.
Need a critique group? Check meetup groups, schools, or local libraries.
All Smiles at the Launch!
The Writer's Triangle
Nancy I. Sanders, a successful children's book author, describes the Writer's Pyramid in her user-friendly book (ISBN 478-0-9791606-6-0) about building a successful writing career this way:  If you draw a triangle and then two horizontal lines across the inside so that it's divided into thirds, you will have a large section at the base, a medium-sized section in the center, and the smallest section on top.The bottom section is the "no-pay/low pay" portion, the middle is "income," and the top is "personal fulfillment." She recommends starting with the bottom section of the pyramid when building your writing career. The major portion of your time should be spent on forming a firm foundation and building a platform. Being published, even if it's for no pay, improves skills and builds confidence. This focus also allows you to build writing credits and establish a reputation. The middle part of the triangle is where you get income and, to tell you the truth , this isn't always the fun part.It's the digging ditches,  scrubbing floors part where you get dimes and, hopefully, a few dollars for your work The top part of the triangle is the fun part. Here you write for personal fulfillment that memoir, that romance, that story you love that has not a chance at any commercial success. This is dessert. Eat your dinner first and all your vegetables.The OC Anthology qualifies as being part of the bottom part of that triangle.
Rod Vickery Reads at the Book Launch
FREE Writing Tips & Resources!
Windflower Press is more than an independent publishing company.
We are a small network of writers, editors, artists, and instructors who provide on site and/or online assistance during the creative process. Whether you're working on fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, memoir, children's stories or poetry, you'll find friends here as well as writing tips, resources, and opportunities.
  Margie Hartford with Publisher          When writers make us shake our heads with the exactness of their prose and their truths, and even make us laugh about ourselves or life, our buoyancy is restored. We are given a shot at dancing with, or at least clapping along with, the absurdity of life, instead of being squashed by it over and over again. It’s like singing on a boat during a terrible storm at sea. You can’t stop the raging storm, but singing can change the hearts and spirits of the people who are together on that ship. – Anne Lamott ("Bird by Bird")
In the competitive world of publishing, the team at Windflower Press will assist you charting a smooth course during the production, publication, and launch of your upcoming book. We favor short fiction for adults, young adult fiction, memoirs and poetry, but nonfiction and educational materials can be found through approved links on our website. 
Sometimes we sponsor an anthology or contest and details can be found on this website. We have a data bank of speakers, authors, and resources as well as recommended on-demand and traditional publishers. We network with writing instructors, authors, agents, speakers, critique groups, organizations and conferences. We are publishers and promoters, but we are writers, too. Publications/book launches are as varied as "The Bible According to Grandpa"  by Conrad Cadle to  poetry chapbooks by various poets to educational materials. Staff includes writers, editors, book designers, and educators.
Be sure to bookmark our site so you can access it for author speakers, workshop facilitators, new book launches and writing opportunities.
Authors & Poets:
Quality Publishing & Book Design. Poetry Books with CD or MP3 Downloads Now Available. Includes Press Release, Book Launch, & Marketing Advice. Contact 949-285-3831 for estimate.
Celebrate the Persian New Year!
by  Noosha Ravaghi
Illustrated by Nasim Kavoosi
At last! The sequel to the Award-Winning I Am the Ice Worm!
Abandoned in the Alaskan Arctic under the magical Northern Lights, fourteen-year-old Allison Atwood discovers secrets in a remote culture not her own. As the traditional Inuit way of life is threatened by modern influences and a changing environment, Allison rescues Oolik, a young shapeshifter who holds the key to restoring hope and harmony. Defying all odds, they embark upon a hazardous journey. During the ordeal, real and mythological forces thrust them into conflict, a collision of cultures, and the legend of Jade Mountain. For ages ten and up.
Allison's adventures with Oolik continue. 
Abandoned in the Arctic, a bored California teen journeys to a legendary mountain with a young shapeshifter in an attempt to save an Inuit village but soon discovers nothing is as it seems. The sequel to the popular, award-winning I Am the Ice Worm, a Junior Library Guild Selection and ALA Quick Picks.
 A World War II Story for All Ages
After ten-year-old Hannah loses her father’s lucky boyhood marbles, bad things start to happen. Hannah’s not-quite-right little sister almost chokes to death on one of the marbles left behind, Daddy’s Liberty ship sails off to points unknown, and her mother has little time or energy to deal with the strife on the homefront. Unable to stay out of trouble for long, Hannah learns about love, death, and sacrifice as she struggles to find her place in a world at war. Resorting to petty crime and eager to escape the battles at school and home, she boards the Red Car to Long Beach and an exciting new life at the Pike. She soon discovers, however, that bad luck can follow anywhere. When a telegram arrives from the warfront, fulfilling the prophecy of a fortuneteller, Hannah is determined to change her luck and salvage her family. Unfortunately, “girls don’t play marbles,” and she challenges the worst Hannah-banana boy to a game of “keepsies” on one of the darkest days in American history. 
WARNING: This book contains secret documents and classified information related to the February 6, 1945 sinking of the SS PETER SILVESTER.
 32 Days in a Lifeboat!

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